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An autobiography of Professional Hunter and Guide, based out of Glennville, California. Ed Vance who during the 1960's & 70's was part of only a few that specialized in hunting full-time for mountain lion's and bears. Ed Vance guaranteed his hunters a successful hunt or it was on the house. A mesmerizing book filled with true stories of a hunter, his hounds, and the lions and bears  they hunted. Starting in the Southern Sierra's and Cascade Mountain Ranges of California, and as the hunting laws changed, he then expanded his hunting to Utah, Nevada, and Canadian borders of Montana and Idaho.

Trained by a Hound Dog seizes the legends of others, both well known and some that few knew were even there, who like Ed Vance caught lions and bears in some of the country's toughest terrain and conditions.

This Jay Bruce who was the first California State Lion Hunter. During his career he killed close to 700 Lions (Cougars).

Hound Dogs, Hunters, & Politicians

  • Over 260 pages with 70 photo's dating from the early 1940's  giving details of who, where, and what was taking place in the world of Western Lion and Bear hunting. Here is the first to be employed as California State Lion Hunter, Jay Bruce. It is interesting to note that during the bounty years, there were no attacks to any humans in California. Then in 1958 the state lion hunters were let go, next in 1963 the bounty in California was terminated. Then here they came. First, it was the protection groups, then the politicians jumped in. 
  • Lion hunting in California was over, but the killing continues. Only this time when a lion is killed in California, state law requires it to be destroyed, all of it. One of the most magnificent animals in all of North America thrown into a ditch and buried.  You can read about it in, Trained by a Hound Dog .

High in the Book Cliffs in Utah where Pete's about a dozen sheep were killed by a Mountain Lion.

Not everyone feels the same about Mountain Lions

  • High in the Book Cliffs Mountains of Utah, Pete's camp was surrounded with dead sheep, all killed at night, by only one lion, and within a few feet of where he was sleeping in his tent. According to Pete, who had only a small lantern to see with, it lasted only minutes, but seemed like it took hours before it was over. Not a single one was eaten.
  • Some Mountain Lions also kill people.  There have been 27 documented humans killed in North America. Over one half of them have been children, some as young as 2-3 years old, some consumed, others left dead just like the sheep at Pete's camp.

4 Blue Tick's and 1 Red Tick hound after a once treed Black Bear in Northern Idaho

'Trained by a Hound Dog " is about Lion & Bear hunting with trained Hound Dogs. "The old fashion way"

  • Early in my career, and long before I had any good dogs of my own, a well known lion and bear hunter, and friend of mine told me, "If you can't catch a bear with 3 or 4 dogs, you don't need more, you just need new ones".  It took time, but eventually I learned, he was right.

A Lion Hunters Horse

Because of the difficulties in pulling a horse trailer around on back country roads, I found it necessary to haul my horse in the back of my truck, with my hounds loaded into the boxes on each side.  As you will see here this took a special horse, and this one fit the order "Perfectly". It only took a few seconds to do this, and we were all on our way.  The dog at the front of my truck is Bo. This short video was originally taken on 8mm film, and provided by my long time friend, Monty Shewcraft.

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Trained by a Hound Dog

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