Here's a question asked by many

I bought Saylor from Elbert Vaughn as a 4 month old pup in 1966.  He became my most talented hound.

Why would I write this book, or for that matter, any book?

  • It wasn't until I had in about 20 years of hunting as a professional that  people started telling me that I should write a book and share some of my experiences with others. Writing a book was something that I had no interest in doing, especially since I had learned long ago that there were those that didn't like the idea of chasing lions and bears with hounds.  Plus I had no experience in writing anything other than an occasional  letter or two, my brochures, and advertisements that went into the hunting magazines.
  •  However. my wife Lynette along with a few others didn't feel the same as I did, and eventually I caved in and started writing. Then after spending close to 2 years of digging through my old dusty files, photo's, and checking  records provided by various State Game Departments, just trying to make sure that everything in the book is as accurate and truthful as possible, I was done. Well, sort of done, that is with exception of one word, The chapter named Rube Creek. Rube Creek is the name given to this creek today, however, that was not it's name at the time I was there. In an attempt to avoid any problems, or offend anyone I felt it best to not use this chapters original name, so Rube it is.
  • Hope you enjoy it.
  • The photo at the left is a Registered Bluetick hound that I purchased from Elbert Vaughn in Paragould, Arkansas. He was born on 01/13/1966, and was only 5 months old when I got him. I named him Saylor, and in time he became the most talented dog I ever owned.