Ed Vance along with two of his hunting hounds on the Kern River in Tulare County, California. This was long before the Mountain Lion was placed on the list of  protected animals.

The following are reviews written by those who have read Trained by a Hound Dog. You can do it too.

  • 1. This book is about Ed Vance's 25 years of hunting with hounds in California, Nevada, Utah, and Montana for both bear and mountain lion. As a young man who knew nothing about hound hunting, Vance pursued knowledge of the sport with tenacity and eventually became an expert outfitter. He traveled across the country to find the right hounds and spent time with veteran hunters and hound breeders from which he could learn. His passion was hunting with hounds, and outfitting was a means to an end - to live a lifestyle of hunting - which he did. Ed followed his dogs on foot for as much as twenty miles in a single day, but also loved to hunt off horseback. He had a truck designed to carry his horse and dogs in the bed. Ed Vance is an enjoyable writer with a story-telling style of communication that's easy to follow and identify with. I found the book hard to put down. It's a no-nonsense type read with just the right amount of details to tell the story while clearly showing the reader who Ed really was. It's a solid mix of hunting adventure, hound hunting action, and a look into the human-related challenges of this lifestyle. Vance's incredible adventures chasing hounds before modern GPS and telemetry will make you ponder if you'd have had the grit to hunt like he did. The book also sheds light on the cultural and wildlife-management tragedy of California outlawing lion, and now bear hunting with hounds. I would highly recommend this book to houndsmen and non-houndsmen alike.    

                 Clay Newcomb

                 Owner/ Publisher to Bear Hunter Magazine

                 July - August 2019   Bear Hunting Magazine

  • 2.  Ed,   I'm writing from Wyoming and  just finished reading the book.  I enjoyed visualizing what I was  reading and having a better understanding how it was done back in the day.  I have too say I would have liked  to been involved in one of your live catches.  I'm fairly new to hound hunting and there is definitely a difference between being a houndsmen back then to now, but one thing is for sure, we all share the same passion.   Great book.  

                 Rob Peterson,  Wyoming Houndsmen 

  • 3. I just finished your book and want to tell you it was the best written hunting book i have ever read. I'm 78 as of today and still keep seven walker hounds, and have been lucky enough to have hunted all over this country of ours. I agree due to the Dept. of natural resources and the politicians we're the last of a bread. I have pedigrees of hounds my grandfather shipped from England before the turn of the century, and my father had hounds all his life and I'm the follow up. in the fifty's my father wrote many articles for the hunters horn magazine.. Had a great run today and hope to run tomorrow,, Again, thanks for a great job. I will be buying more copy's to send to old hunting buddy's..... 

                 Paul Scheider, Holmen, Wisconsin  02/10/2019

  • 4. Ed Vance, we definitely made Great Memories that others can only dream about! We have definitely lived in some of Greatest times ever for the American Sportsman and Sportswomen!
    Just another Wonderful reason that I am so excited that the average citizen can live so many of the experiences that you shared in your book. We kinda took for granted that we basically lived a life that others can only dream of. Can you tell that I'm still in awe of your book?    

                 Gary Bridges , Susanville, California.     02/21/2019 

  • 5. Awesome book. Stormy Rowland (Red Dog) got it for me. I'm from Springville. I ran hounds from 1982 to 2012. I might have met you at sometime. My first hound was a big Black and Tan named Country. He was a great dog, caught a lot of Fox and Cat .  

                 James Owen  Springville, CA  11 /25/2018

  • 6. Hi Ed, just wanted to say thank you for the book. Finished reading, 1st time, and will read again in the next few days. It has been a long and wonderful trail with these hounds!! I have followed them from the mountains of British Columbia, to the Kalahari desert of southern Africa. Run everything from Grizzly bear, african lion, leopard, carracel, bobcat, lynx, wolverine and every thing in between... AND!!! all because you gave me a love for these old hounds. I could have sold or given away all my guns when I started to run the hounds. It was never about a kill, only about a tree! Thank you Old Friend

                 Bill Reynolds, Whitefish,  MT 


  • 7. Gary couldn't put the book down nor can I! You did a fantastic job writing Ed, you are one of a kind story teller! Known you for so long but sure didn't know your life history. Glad we could be a part of this story and friendship. Keep the printing press handy as you will be busy printing way more books than you ever thought I am sure. One of the best books ever...and not just because my picture is in it, truly a very well written book.

                  Mary Ann Grenfell, Libby, MT 


  • 8. Ed you did great. I can’t put your book down. It keeps drawing me in. I stayed up till midnight reading. Even thou I know the outcome of some of the stories, I have keep reading. Your description of the locations are spot on. Anybody could go and retrace the same country without any trouble. Thank you for my copy.  

                 Roy Stephenson, Bakersfield, CA 


  •  9. Enjoying the book in bit's and pieces. Now I really want to meet you Ed, so many questions, and a few of my own tales to tell! 

                 Stephen C. Holt, California

  • 10. A wonderful book written by someone who has a true appreciation for hounds and the animals they track. I recommend this book in the highest degree.

                 Barry Siragusa / Amazon 5 star review

  • 11. The book is easy to read. It is a great story and is very heartfelt. I loved it! 

                  Laura Spring Spears, Lancaster, California

  • 12. It's been an honor and privilege to meet and work for Ed and Lynette Vance, thanks to my wife for the introduction and the Lord for putting them in our lives. It's always interesting to wonder about the life of another person or the adventures they've had. Well wonder no more!! Ed's book shares a good piece of his life with us and WOW what an adventure!! I can honestly say I have only read two books in my life, cover to cover, listened to many. Misery and Where the Red Fern grows are the two books. Trained by a Hound Dog will be the third. I'm half way through the book and it's hard to put down. It's definitely a suspenseful read that challenges and inspires you to set goals and chase or hunt them down. I look forward to reading Trained by a Hound Dog to our two sons and our next meeting with the legend Ed Vance. Via con dios, amigo.

                 Ernie Hernandez, Bakersfield, CA / Amazon 5 star review

  • 13. Definitely one of my top 10. Great book with some great local history. Would make a great gift for anyone who hunts or owns dogs 

                 Ted Stanfield, Bakersfield, CA

  •  14. I personally know the author, am privileged to call him friend, and honored that he calls me the same.
    Ed's book is a great read. His telling of his accomplishments, takes you right along with him as he experiences situations that most people have only imagined. A man who truly lives out the end of the old wild west. Mesmerizing. Couldn't put it down. A book well worth the reading.

                  Paul Hussey, Bakersfield, California

  •  15.  A top shelf writing of tales and lessons learned outdoors, along side mans best friend. A great read for all. A great job by the author. Hunting does not mean killing, it's about the experience and adventure. 

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  •  16. Amazing MAN AND BOOK, this is a must buy.....Great gift for a true hunter.  

                 Shannon Duncan Posey, California

  • 17. Ed , Ron and Laura got me a copy of your book for Christmas, I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures and especially about the parts in the greenhorn mountains. Thanks for writing the book. 

                  Dave Spears, CA

  • 18. I purchased your book for my husband while he was out of town. The night he returned he started reading it and has not put it down. He just finished it and said it is a wonderful book. He very much enjoyed reading it. For a short time we raised Treeing Walker Hounds, the White Cloud line in Tehachapi Ca. As you know California laws changed and he was no longer able to hunt with them. We have one last pup from our second to last litter who is now 7. I sure do love an old grey haired hound face...so much wisdom in those faces. We always kept our old dogs when they were retired. They typically spent their last few months in our house on a soft bed in front of the fire. There is nothing like an old hound dog! Thank you for the book and sharing your stories! 

                 Cheryl Lutge-Stephens, Tehachapi, CA  01/28/2019

  • 19. This book was wonderful. A testament to stubborn determination and love and respect of dogs. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how wild life really is. 

                Randi Smith, Bakersfield, CA 2/03/2019

  • 20. Thank you for putting pen to paper and documenting your life. I learned a lot from it and feel like I was born in the wrong century.  

                 Ryan Fike 4/17/2019

  • 21. Great book. Started to read and could not put it down . Intriguing and informative. Kept reading and finished reading and was looking for more. Everyone needs to get this book. Thanks Ed for sharing your past life. Glad to have you as a friend and neighbor. 

                 Gary Martin Posey, CA   6/24/2019

  • 22. This book was an easy read that I could not put down, even though I am not an avid hunter. Readers will be amazed at the endurance and toughness of Ed Vance and the territory he could cover in adverse conditions.
    Mr. Vance has a true love of nature, his dogs and the animals he tracked. He is able to paint pictures in the reader’s mind of how beautiful the country he worked in was and joy he felt in doing what he did.
    This book was not just for hunters and should be read by everybody because Mr. Vance explains the necessity of not only hunting, but of preservation as well.

                 Jim Stephenson, Bakersfield, CA


  • 23. I have loved this book and am reading it again!!!! I appreciate the solid history and also the down to earth way of presenting the story. Truly a mountain treasure.

                Lori Byrd, Posey, California 2/16.2019

  • 24. As a deep south hunter and dog man I have always been fascinated by the big game hunters and hounds used on cougars and bears out west. Going back to the 60s I have read every copy of Full Cry magazine (later publishing my own articles in Full Cry for 4 years) and every book I could find on the sport. From Ben Lilly books to houndsmen like Jay Bruce etc... Ed Vance's book Trained by a Hound Dog ranks right up there with the best of them. Covering a period of time in California and other states that may soon be forgotten if not for people like Ed putting out these books. The sad truth is there are not many people like Ed Vance left to tell these story's. Highly recommend this book if you have an interest in big game hunting in America. To understand the future of the sport you must understand the past and this book covers it. Thanks 

                Richard McCorkle

                Stone Creek Game Calls & Kennels

                 Americus, GA

                 Another Amazon 5 Star Review


  • 25. My friend and hunting partner bought this book for me as a gift. He knows that I have a nice collection of hound dog books (he has borrowed and read them) It's a really good book. Right up there with Dale Lee's and Slash Ranch

                 Brad Peacock

                 Castle Dale, Utah

                 July 28, 2019

  •  26. This is one of the most honest written books you                can find, once you start reading make sure you have nothing else to do as you will not want to put it down! Ed was our dear friend when he lived in Montana, he and my husband spent many great hunts together and even I got included in one very exciting one,  so get the book, sit down and enjoy, you will not be disappointed. 

                This was a message written by 

                 Mary Ann Grenfell to Jacob Campbell on Facebook.

  • 27. This is hands down one of the best all time books ever written. My husband and I both read it front to back. Couldn’t put it down! 

                Excellent book!  

                Verified   Amazon Purchase  August 9, 2019

  • 28. Just finished your book ! I share your love and appreciation of a good hound , I’ve coon hunted all my life , used to sneak out my bedroom window at the age of 11 , just to take my dogs to the woods, truly admire your life and appreciate you sharing it with us . 

                Thanks  Jerry Barker 

                 Nancy, Kentucky

                 August 18, 2019 

  • 29. Ed, I’m new to hound hunting. I grew up hunting Deer and Elk around my home town in Lewiston idaho but my father wanted nothing to do with hounds now that I’m an adult I’ve chose to chase my dream of hound hunting. This is my first year running with one of my own dogs along with friends dogs. I’ve never liked reading but I heard about your book and had to order it.  I never enjoyed reading growing up because I never was interested in what I was reading but I’ll tell you what, I can’t put your book down. Your stories have changed my outlook on reading. I truly enjoy reading your book and I can’t wait to sit down this evening and read another chapter or two. I hope one day I’ll be able to share my own stories and memories about running hounds.

                September 1, 2019

                Garrett Roesner

                Lewiston, Idaho

  • 30. I just finished your book and want to tell you it was the best written hunting book I have ever read. I'm 78 as of today and still keep seven walker hounds, and have been lucky enough to have hunted all over this country of ours. I agree due to the Dept. of natural resources and the politicians were the last of a bread. I have pedigrees of hounds my grandfather shipped from England before the turn of the century, and my father had hounds all his life and I' the follow up. In the fifty's my father wrote many articles for hunters horn magazine.  Again, thanks for a great job. I will be buying more copy's to send to old hunting buddy's. 

                Paul Schneider

                Holman, Wisconsin

  • 31. Ed your book was gifted to me. I am about 1/2 way thru it but had to write and tell you how much I am enjoying it. .........Never got to hunt with dogs but am living it vicariously thru you. Will drop you another note when I have finished..... Ed, I finished the book and really enjoyed it.......am sure I will read  it again and again. Can't turn back the clock but sure wish I had a  chance to run lions with dogs. Doing it thru you was wonderful and I am  glad you made it possible

                 William Owens

                Las Cruces, New Mexico

  • 32. Gave to my husband for early Christmas gift. He loved it!

                 Donna Gates

                 Bell, Florida

  •  33. Hey Ed, I just finished your book. Learned a lot, its good to hear your stories for us younger houndmans. We hunt a lot of those areas you listed out by Austin. If you ever make it through Reno, I would buy ya lunch. Thanks for writing it, it was an awesome read. Oh yeah, and your nuts for catching them alive. Haha! Thanks again 

                Cody Knight 

                Reno, Nevada

  •  34. Hello Sir, I am on a short leave at home and reading Your book, it's really taking me away, in every line one gets to feel all the passion You had on the trails and chases You and Your Hounds worked... Will order a second book to gift to a friend when I am back home. Hope You are well, all the best Johann.

                 Johann Plenk

                 Special Forces, Paratrooper

                 Austrian Army


  • 35. This is my first ever review. Loved this book! Great stories of great dogs and the men who hunted them. Thanks for sharing them with us flat lander's down in the Southeast. 

                It was like sitting around the fire and listening to my uncle's talk.

                 Jerry P. Evans

                 September 28, 2019

                 5 STAR Amazon purchaser

  • 36. Trained by a Hound Dog is a very interesting well written book that once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It is apparent that Ed Vance was not only keenly aware of where the lions and bears were in the mountains and how to successfully hunt them with his hounds but also of what was affecting his hunting in the halls of government.
    Trained by a Hound Dog provides hours of entertainment but it also serves as a wake up call to what is happening to our beloved sport of hunting with hounds. The unique perspective that Ed Vance brings is one of wisdom that comes from spending the time necessary to become intimate with his surroundings both in the wild and in relating with people.

                Thanks for the enjoyable book.

                Allen Lysdahl 

                Wadena, MN. 

                October 2, 2019

                PS. A good dog hunts wherever he's set down

  • 37.  I highly recommend this book. I just finished reading it and it's probably the best I have ever read, I was actually able to read it cover to cover and I can't remember the last time I was able to do that.

                Chuck Reynolds

                Madison, Virginia

                October 10, 2019 

  • 38. Thank you for the book. I enjoyed it very much. It brought back memories, from an old lion hunter

                 Skip Ward

                 Custer, Montana

  • 39. Fantastic read, Ed's journey as a hunter and houndsman is simply amazing and was a hard book to put down. This one is for sure getting passed around my hunting group.

                Nathaniel Malone

               Wasilla, Arkansas

               October 19, 2019

               Amazon 5 Star Review

  •  40. I just wanted to say, I just finished the pod cast “trained by a hound dog “ with Ed Vance and it was wonderful! After reading the book “trained by a hound dog “ it was a real treat listening to the pod cast and being able to put a voice behind the book! It would be so neat, if there was a movie made based on the book and Ed’s experiences!

                Stephanie Perteson Rector

                Porterville, California

                October 25, 2019

  • 41. I have listened to that podcast about 10 times. Great stories.

                  Sal Caruso

                  Easton, New York

                  November 3, 2019

  • 42. This is one of the best books I’ve read on big game hunting with hounds.

                 Allen Lysdahl

                 Wadena, Minnesota 

  • 43.    I’m Randy and Mary Kay Cox’s son. I met you about 10 years ago when we were buying our cabin in SugarLoaf Village with Lynette. I’m about 3/4 way through reading your book that my dad got from you. It’s truly an amazing read and I’m not a book reader by any stretch! I had to have my owned signed copy that I can pass the book on to my boys so they know firsthand what a true hunter and hounds-man you were and knowing the areas where we like to enjoy in the Greenhorn Mountains! Thank you for writing this book for us all to enjoy. God Bless! 

               Jason Cox

               Atascadero, Caliornia

               November 20, 2019

  • 44.   Ed Vance, Thank you for an entertaining book of a time that no longer exists, and never will again, as it once did. Excellent book, I'm getting ready to read it again.

                 Bobby Pollock

                 Muldrow, Oklahoma

                 November 20, 2019

  • 45.  Really enjoying your book bud if you ever want to head east and listen to some hounds your welcome anytime, I'm serious about this.

                Shawn Dennis

                McLeanville, N. Carolina

                November 29, 2019

  • 46. Hello Ed, Just finished your book and it was very interesting from start to   finish. Easy to picture some of the tough places you had to follow your hounds to. Now days with tracking collars it is quite a bit easier but ya still lose contact with the dogs. I started hunting with hounds about 8 years old in 1960. We tagged along with dad chasing coon with his beagle & redbone. Wasn't long before my brother & I started chasing fox with the beagle, then got a black & Tan & chased coyotes in WI. for 40+ years. I have moved to Idaho & my neighbor is big into bear, lion, & bobcat chasing. I still see in my mind the 1st big tom lion we treed my 2nd day out with him.Your days of hunting were so much more of a challenge as it was on foot or by horse. We also enjoy treeing bears & lions, take a few pictures and let them go. People that have never tried hound hunting just don't understand the enjoyment of listening to the hounds work. Some dogs just turn out to be great and some so so. It is so darn hard losing a hound to cancer, old age, or whatever. Losing any dog is a heartbreaker. Thanks for the great read. I am now sending the book to my brother in WI. and I know he'll enjoy every bit of it.


               Terry Lane

                Grangeville, idaho

                November 30, 2019

  •  47. Best hunting book I’ve read in a long time! 

                Mike Duggan

                Starks Louisiana 

                December 4, 2019

  • 48. Hello Ed this is from an old bear hunter who is 73 years old and going in june of 2020 on another bait hunt in Ouebec.Just had my 2nd knee replacement and while rehabbing reread your book which i enjoyed just as much as the 1st time!

               Thanks Tom Hays

                Rochester, New York

               49.  Excellent book

                Buck Tice


                Kalkaska, Michigan

  • 50.  Thank you for writing such a great book. I’m not much of a reader but I was glued to that book for a couple weeks. You did such an amazing job of painting the pictures with the words. I felt like i was there hunting with you! 
    Thanks again and merry Christmas!



               Brad Mombark 

               Bend, Oregon

  • 51.  Merry Christmas Ed. Thanks for the best book I read in 2019.

                Bear Saragusa

                Hound Hunter & Editor



  • 52.  I got this book today for Christmas and I’m 4 chapters in and absolutely love it! This is a great book, I highly recommend it and I’m not even a big book reader.

               Miles Herring

               Ruckersville, Virginia


  • 53.   Hello Ed my name is Shayne Scott, from croghan ny the eastern side of the Adirondack mountain range. My girl friend Brittany got me your book for Christmas. Needless to say it was excellent! I’ve already read the whole thing. I can relate to your story more than any other story I have read. I’ve been bear and bobcat hunting for the last 15 years mostly here in New York but many other state as well. I’ve actually drove myself an my hounds to Idaho for 3 months and caught several bears near council and McCall just one summer ago. My dream is to bring my dogs out west an get myself a lion. I’ve put in for Idaho nonresident hound permit with no success yet. If there is any way you might be able to steer me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated. I love and very much relate your appreciation for good hound work. These hounds have become a way of life for myself an my family, we are chasing bears an cats any chance I get. Thank you for the story ed I hope to speak with you again


               Shayne Scott

               Croghan, New Your


  • 54.  This was the best hound or hunting book I have ever read. 


               Bob Powell

               Tabernacle, New Jersey


               Bob is a life long bear hunter from the        

               New England States

  • 55.  Mr. Vance,
    I just wanted to write you a letter and tell you that your book is absolutely one of the greatest that I have ever read. I'm a hound hunter from Pennsylvania, and though I mostly coon hunt, your stories and the way it was written was wonderful. I have a small collection of books about hound hunting and have read what I have over and over again, and I know that I'll be reading yours several times. The determination you had to continue to pursue hunting hounds with no one to teach you the ropes and buying some less than quality dogs at the beginning really reflect how I became involved with hounds. None of my family or anyone I knew had ever hunted with hounds, but I've had a passion for some reason for it since I was a young kid, and always knew I would have hounds at some point, it took me 30 years to start, but over the past 10 years I've gone down a similar beginning of buying worthless dogs and going at it alone, eventually all that paid off and I have a good group of hounds.
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your book and stories, what a great time that would have been, I wish many of those opportunities of the past were still available today, but being able to "live" those adventures through your stories is the next best thing.
    Dave Swanseen

                Woodbury, PA


  • 56. I'm right in the middle of reading your book, very good read by the way. Its like a Louis L'Amour novel,  Just can’t put down

               Lloyd Randy Scott

               Retired Government Hunter & Professional Hunting Guide  




  •  57.   Hi there Ed! I recently finished your book Trained By A Hound Dog and was blown away! I was going to write you an actual letter but soon realized a couple friends of mine were friends with you on Facebook! So here I am. I’m twenty three, female, and learning the ropes of hunting on my own (none of my family or fiancés family hunts). 


               Shawn Cagle

               Frazier Park, California

  • 58. I know I've posted about this book for 3 days straight now. It has been years since I read an entire book, it's not something I do for enjoyment. I finished it today and I recomend it to anyone that is interested in hound hunting. I've never used dogs to hunt anything but coons, squirrels and rabbits but these stories about bear and lion hunts amazed me. I cant imagine hunting in the roughest terrain imaginable and walking miles and miles up and over mountains sometimes in knee deep snow. This book could have been titled Ed Vance, Certified Badass. Ed Vance is now my new hero.

                Curt Ross

                Ripley, West Virginia


  • 59.  Dear Mr. Vance, I want to personally thank you for writing this magnificent book!! It was loaned to me by Darrell Young's son, Ben Young. I cut my teeth hunting the Los Padres in my late teens and early 20s and know the brutality of that terrain. When I was young I read everything I could find about hunting with hounds. I moved to Reno, NV in '93 and met a former guide and ran cats out of the southweat side of Reno for years. Best times of my life. I also hunted with an ex guide out of Kingston, NV, very familiar with all the NV areas you wrote about and smiled, laughed and pondered all the great hunts and memories your book rekindled. My in-laws still have a property in Manhattan and family buried there, including a grandfather that was in charge of the dredge that created that unusual landscape. I'm friends with the family that owned and ran the ranch at the base of Taquima as you enter Monitor Valley. All sold off to rich idiots now. Anyway, I'm reminded that the last lion hunt I was on took place in Jett Canyon, out of Carver's. Great story, too long to type. Just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to you for the truly great book and the many wonderful memories it brought back from days gone by.

  •  Sincerely, Gary Nichols

                 Reno, Nevada



  • 60.  ·  Hello there Ed! I just finished your book last night and it was awesome! What an adventure! I don't believe I've ever read a book so fast ! I couldn't put it down!



               Barry Braithwaite

               Hedgseville, West Virginia


  • 61.      ‪I finally finished this book. A very good book written by a very interesting man. I recommend it who enjoy true adventure stories.

               Danny Wells

               Santa Maria, CA



  • 62.  Thank you for the book Ed Vance, I really enjoyed it. My hats off to you. Good job!

               Michael Ewing

               Groveland, California


  • 63.  Great stories, great writing. The first few chapters are probably some variation of everyone's story and you told it for all. The whole book is great!
    I've read Steve Matthis' " Brave and Other Stories " countless times and " Trained By A Hound Dog" will be the same! 

                Greg Austin

               Shenandoah, VA

  • 64. Hello, just wanted to say I loved your book. I have been hunting with hounds for about 8 years now. I really enjoyed it. Thanks,

               Rich Dickerson

               Fruitland, Idaho

  • 65.  This is best Houndsmen book out there

               Cord Barton

               Cody, WY

  •  66.  Great book, I couldn’t put it down! Really enjoyed it 

               Jenneyfur Sanders

               Ferndale, Californi

  • 67.  One of the best hound books written and I have read most of the big name ones

                Shawn Garrison

                Colusa, California


  • 68.  Great book It puts you back in a time of Hound Hunting that few will ever experience

                Sam Mardino          

                 Angola, New Your


  • 69.   TRAINED BY A HOUND. By Ed Vance what a great story. I’m only about 1/4 through the story but its a gripping story about a determined man to hunt the big cats and a few bears along the way too. Great book Ed!


               Carl Boykin

               Snowflake, Arizona


  • 70.  Really enjoyed the read. Only 2 nights to read it, couldn't put it down, kinda like hiking the mountains, just 1 more ridge (story)


               Richard Sandoz

               Spring Creek, Nevada